Sunday, March 21, 2010

Its Spring!!

This is the first year in a while where I haven't been on the water before March. Somehow life has conspired to keep me from the kayak. So when PB asked if H and I wanted to do an easy paddle this weekend, I was more than ready!! The forecast was for lovely Spring weather and very little wind. H was not quite as psyched. She really doesn't like wearing all the crazy cold water garb (the water is still in the 40s). She did relent though - as a favor to PB.
We decided on the salt pond because it is flat, protected, and PB had never paddled there. We were hoping for a TM appearance with out luck. TM's kayak is the shop for a preseason tune up...
We launched with a group of five:, H, PB, CC, KP, and myself. Our plan was for a leisurely stroll towards the breechway, a long lunch, and a leisurely stroll back for coffee. I was so happy to be back on the water, however, that I sped off from the group. I found settling into the group's pace difficult. It wasn't that they were paddling slow. My body just wanted to paddle fast.
The salt pond was perfect for the day. There wasn't much wind or waves. We meandered along and chatted here and there.
We did have a long lunch. PB spotted a nice beach just west of the boat yard. As we approached we noticed a couple on the beach, so we paddled to the opposite end of the beach to give them some privacy. We didn't want to interrupt any moment they were attempting to have. Sadly, by the time we had broken out lunch, they had packed up and scadoodled. Oddly they were soon replaced by a group with several kids. A few jokes were made about "and five years later...".
While we lounged in the sun on the beach, the wind picked up. By the time we got on the water there was a good 10+ knt breeze. We crossed the pond and headed back up the eastern side to take advantage of the shelter from the islands that split the lake.
The last bit of the paddle before making the turn into the narrows and the upper pond were fun. The breeze had just enough fetch to kick up a small following sea. The Q-boat's tail wanted to wag, but I dropped the skeg quickly. I was not prepared to fight the kayak. I wasn't completely pooped, but it was early in the season and I am not in the best shape...
After the paddle we were joined by TM for coffee at Java Madness. TM discussed the benefits of Yoga with us among other ranging topics. It is always nice to relax at Java Madness after a nice day on the water. Does life get better than hanging out with friends on a deck, sipping beverages after a day of outdoor fun?