Sunday, April 13, 2014

Narrow River

Today was a happy accident. TM posted an extra paddle for the week; I noticed it at the last minute; H agreed to let me paddle. She is great and knows how much paddling does to keep me on a semi-even keel.
The forecast promised sunny and warm. Despite the fact that sunny and warm can mean boiling in a dry suit, I was ready for some sunny paddling.
Instead, the weather was cold, grey, and windy. In a dry suit, cold is not a big deal. Spring grey is still Spring. I was just happy to be out on the water.
The Q-boat was a little dusty and still had dried out leaves in it. Her hatches were filled with dank fall sea water. The mighty stick could use a new coat of oil. They were perfect.
The wind was at our back on the way up river, so it was hardly noticeable. I just enjoyed moving in the boat and catching up with old friends.
The return trip was a little more difficult. Paddling into the wind is a good workout. I am not in great paddling shape, but the stick is strong! I will probably be a little sore in the morning.
The post paddle coffee was excellent as well. I cannot remember the last time I sat on the deck of Java Madness shooting the shit.
Once a month from now until October is my goal for the paddling season.