Sunday, April 17, 2016


It has been months since I have been on the water and I am suffering from extreme withdrawal. I've gotten crankier, if that is imaginable. My memory is shot; my problem solving skills are toast; I may even be hallucinating.
The worst part is that I have no idea why I have been off the water so long. It is not like the winter in New England was cold or snowy. Sure some of the weekends were dodgy and the winter dragged into April, but it is not like there were not a few nice weekends.....
The message board was a ghost town over the winter. Usually people post trips at least once a month. Not this winter. I suppose I could have posted a paddle, but that really is not my style. I like to go on paddles, not coordinate paddles.
Partially, it was my own fault. The few times paddles were posted I had other things to do. Family life can really take a toll on paddling.... I guess that is the choices one makes. I think sacrificing a few months of paddling for hanging with the family is worth it.
Although it is getting to the point where the family may force me out on the water..... I can only go so long without kayaking without suffering.