Sunday, April 19, 2015

Narrow River

Narrow River is always a great way to start the paddle season. It has some distance and always a little wind. We had a nice day for it as well. It was **almost** nice enough to skip the dry suit.

We started off with a little wind and a little current working against us, but that meant that it would be a help on the return trip. It was good for just loosening up and playing with different strokes.

It was nice to just chat with grown ups that are not co-workers. It is a rare treat. In fact, that is the thing I remember most about the paddle.

The current was with us on the return trip. The wind was in our face again and overwhelmed the current.

It didn’t really matter. We had good conversation. I realized that having a four year old girl shapes your world in strange ways. There was a conversation about good new movies. I knew about *Frozen*, *Boxtrolls*, *Paddington*, and *Cinderella*….

The post paddle coffee was a pleasure as well. The paddle was a perfect recharge.

When it was over, I was eager to retun home and hang with H and Bug.