Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Outer Boston Harbor

It has been awhile since I helped coordinate a trip or been out in Boston Harbor, so this was a bit scary. Fortunately for me PB is always prepared and always has a plan. This trip was no different. He had the tides all figure out days in advance and had a float plan ready to go. All I had to do was show up and help herd the cats.
As it turned out, I didn't even really need to herd any cats. The cats did all the work themselves. The group was amazing. We stayed tight on all of the crossings. Nobody got too far ahead or too far behind. Nobody darted into the rocks without checking to make sure the rest of the group was nearby. We even managed to regroup on Georges at the right time.
The conditions were almost as perfect as the group. The putter harbor was calm. The wind was minimal. The temperature was reasonable. The only downer was the haze, but we hardly cared. It was just a great day to enjoy the islands.
This was one of those paddles that reminds me why I love to paddle so much. It left me tired and rejuvenated.