Saturday, July 08, 2017

First Time Out

It has been a long dry spell for me. From August until December my kayak was trapped behind a wall of construction equipment while we had work done on the house. While the kayak was buried I gained enough weight so that I would not fit into my dry suite, so winter paddling was out. Spring was crazy with recitals and end of school stuff.
Finally, I got a free day that lined up with a moderate paddle. It was awesome. The weather was great and seeing friends is always a plus. It was the rush of calming excitement that really made it great.
I was a little worried that I would be slow or not be able to handle the kayak, but it is a bit like riding a bike. I felt a little rusty and my control isn't as sharp as it was, but overall I felt good and didn't seem to slow the group down.
The Aries helps a little since it is a very maneuverable and surprisingly fast kayak.
My roll is gone for now, but I am hoping to get on the water a few more times this summer and fall. With some work, I'll find that roll again.