Monday, June 12, 2006

The Sun Comes Out to Play

After days, or was it weeks, of rain, the weather gods blessed us with a sunny Sunday. Never ones to let a gift like that slip by, H, Tim M., Bill H., Bob H., and I gathered at the Bay Campus for a spot of leisurely kayaking. Since the wind was forecasted to pick up later in the day, we decided to paddle along the shore towards Whale Rock.
I've paddled this stretch more times than I can count and it still amazes me. The rocky cliffs sparkled with run-off and sun shine. The water was a crisp green. The sky was a sharp blue. There was just enough wave action to make playing in the rocks fun.
Tim found a cool nook with a small waterfall. It was a little small for two boats, but that didn't stop Bob from trying to sneak in.
We lunched at the usual spot just past Bonnet Shores. It was nice to just sit in the sun. As a bonus, H made low-fat, but still yummy, brownies. The secret has something to do with apple sauce. According to Tim, apple sauce can be used as a universal condiment. It is particularly good with broccoli.
After lunch, we initially decided to paddle up to Whale Rock and then over to Beaver Tail. The weather gods had different plans for us however. The wind slipped around to the north and gathered strength. Instead of facing a long slog back in addition to two crossings, we turned back to Bay Campus.

It was a wise decision. The paddle back was tough, but not miserable. We still found some nice rock dodging spots. We also gawked at some of the gaudy houses being put up along the shore.
By the time we made it back to Bay Campus, we were pleasantly pooped and relaxed enough to face another week of work.

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