Monday, August 07, 2006

The Spirit of Bermuda

After our adventures with the AMC, H and I continued northward and took a quick pit stop at a lovely B&B in Camden, ME called the Blackberry Inn. The innkeeper, Jim, was a nice guy who was helpful without being overbearing. His suggestions for a quick bike ride and dining accommodations were spot on. Breakfast was top notch: whole wheat blueberry muffins, yogurt, and eggs with a light lemon dill sauce. My impressions could be clouded by my delirium over getting a soft bed and a hot shower after two days...
While in Camden, H and I took a quick bike ride over to Rockport. (Yes, I know this is a kayaking blog. Bear with me...)
One of the stops recommended by out innkeep was the Rockport harbor. One of Rockport's master shipwrights had just finished building a Bermudian Schooner for the Bermuda Sloop Foundation. She was christened The Spirit of Bermuda and is based on the traditional 19th century Bermudian sailing vessels. According to news articles, she is not a replica; she is a new sailing vessel based on traditional designs and is full of high-tech gear.
Her three masts are made of carbon-fiber and were built in Concord, MA. The man who built them was supervising the riggers when H and I coasted into the parking lot. He was graciously answering an onslaught of questions from passers by. If I remember correctly, he said each mast weighed one ton and that the walls were more than an inch thick at the base. He felt pretty confident that you could take a baseball bat to one of them and do more damage to the bat. Imagine doing that to your paddle or lightweight hull...
The Bermudians are picking her up on the 13th of August and will sail her back to Bermuda. Once there, she will be used to train Bermudian children to sail.

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