Wednesday, March 21, 2007

You know your a kayaker when...

the first thing you look for in a new house is where the kayaks will be stored.
So, H and I have been house shopping and I've noticed that one of the big things we've used to judge houses by is their ability to store kayaks and kayaking related gear. A secondary concern has been the convenience of gear cleaning. There has also been several mentions that the yard cannot be too big because we don't have a lot of time to mow it because we are spend summer weekends kayaking.
Our current pad, despite its many flaws, is a great spot for kayaks. The driveway is huge and reasonably level. The basement is a walk in with a fairly level entrance. The back yard is easily accessible and offers a place to hang wet gear in the summer. In the winter, the basement is warm and also sports a number of good places to hang wet gear.
So the first things I look at when evaluating any new house is:
a) does it have a garage? If so, is it big enough for two kayaks and associated gear?
b) what is the basement access like?
c) how much of the basement can be used for kayak storage?
d) where is the hose? will it reach to a spot that is good for kayak hosing?
e) how long will it take to mow the lawn?
Once we past the important things, I start wondering about where the 50" HD TV and the Wii will fit. Then I go look for a location for the man cave. Heather makes sure the kitchen, the bathrooms, and the bedrooms are OK. She also checks to make sure that her cats will be happy and have plenty of windows for lounging.
Is it wrong that kayaks have such an impact on where we'll live?


  1. Eric,

    Don't let those little details effect your decision. I'd be happy to help you build a 20 foot long by 4 foot wide shed. Or pipe a faucet to the proper corner of the house. Or even pave over the lawn, no matter...


  2. It has been kind of comical how we have used the kayak measure when looking at houses. We have turned away from a lot of nice kitchens (my "woman cave") due to lack of kayak storage! There were even a few times when our real estate agent quickly commented that he wasn't going to show us a place because he knew there was not enough space for our kayaks and gear.