Sunday, June 08, 2008

Dutch Delights

After Saturday's aborted trip to Cuttyhunk, I was chomping at the bit for a relaxing paddle. I was also suffering from a sore shoulder.....
H, who is buried under yearend school work, had spent the week looking forward to today's paddle.
TM's Dutch Island paddle is an ocean going level 2 paddle. It is short, but because it involves crossing a portion of the West Passage it offers a taste of bouncy sea paddling.
The weather forecast for the day was for sunny, warm, and calm. Perfect.
We crested the South Ferry Road hill and saw that the parking lot was packed. My initial reaction was trepidation. Large paddles can be tedious. The more cats in the herd, the harder the herd is to coordinate. When there is a lot of new cats in the heard, I get even more nervous....
Fortunately, H preempted the worry. She reminded me:

  • that, in general, other paddlers are nice people.

  • that we are all out for an enjoyable day.

All told, we had 19 kayaks set out. Two left well after the main group because a paddler showed up late.
We crossed the channel between Bay Campus and Dutch Island. It is generally an easy crossing. This morning the water was flat and the wind was minimal. The group followed TM's lead and stayed close together. It made me feel much better about the day.
We paddled north along Dutch Island. When we rounded the north point of the island, we turned towards Great Creek. We paddled into Great Creek. Then we turned towards our lunch spot near Fort Getty.
After lunch, we headed back towards Dutch Island. We hit the island in the little cove just above the light house to regroup. From there we were going to make the crossing back to Bay Campus when we had an open path.
As we neared the point, we saw a line of colorful sails racing up the Bay. I whipped out my camera to try and capture the moment while bobbing in the swells. It was surprisingly easy to manage the camera with one hand and not swim. Getting good pictures with my compact camera was a whole different story....

Once the sail boats raced past, the group returned safely to Bay Campus.
I debated doing rolling practice. My shoulder had been tender throughout the day, but not painful. A smart man would not have pushed it and called it a day. I'm not a smart man....
I did a few rolls with my stick and a few rolls with a borrowed Euro-paddle. It was fun, but I'm sure I'll pay for it in the days to come....
We finished up our relaxing paddle with some relaxing coffee at Java Madness. I love summer!!

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