Sunday, November 27, 2011

Keurig Must Die!

Keurig is evil. They prey upon people's laziness to foist bad, over priced coffee on us. To make it even worse, their k-cups pile up in landfills where what ever comes after humanity will find them and be amazed at how primitive and backwards we were.
It is easy to make good single cups of coffee cheaply and without so much waste. Use a French press or a single cup filter. It tastes better and is better for the planet. As an added bonus, you will be forced to sit back and relax for a few minutes while your coffee brews.


  1. We just got one as a gift. We put our own coffee in the small filter basket, which is cheaper than the K-cups, but is kind of a pain. Coffee is a little weak for my taste. Oh well, it was a gift...

  2. Erik I didn't know you could use your own coffee with them. That makes me less off put by the whole idea.

  3. "Keurig must die"??? Reminds me of what Boris Badinoff used to say about Bullwinkle: "Moose must die!!!"
    Tony M.