Sunday, April 15, 2012

Summer in April

The weather in New England this weekend has been scary good. Clear, sunny sky and temps in the 70s is just about perfect for June. For April, it is a little unusual. It makes me wonder about how far along global warming is, but I'll take a few days of nice weather.
We definitely took advantage of it this weekend. Yesterday Bug and I spent the morning running around at the playground by our house. While Bug napped, H and I started tackling the yard. The weeds seem too far along for this time of year....
Today was another outdoor adventure day. We loaded Egg 2.0 up with the bikes and the Bug trailer and drove to the bike trail. Our planned adventure was pretty tame, but it is early in the year. We rode about three miles into the center of Lexington for a picnic lunch. It was a nice little ride for our fist time out in 2012. Bug seemed pretty comfortable in the trailer. I didn't struggle pulling it. H didn't have any trouble keeping up. The only trouble we did have was remembering how to hook the trailer up and to release the brake before starting out....
I am looking forward to many more family bike trips this year-short or long.

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