Sunday, September 29, 2013

Good Ol' Gloucester

The hardest paddles to write about are often the best ones. Little Tim's paddle out of Gloucester was one of those paddles. It was a simple, calm paddle on a beautiful late summer day. We bounced enough to feel like we were on the ocean. Mostly we paddled, talked and soaked up the sun and surroundings. It was ideal for those paddlers not looking for the next shot of adrenaline.
The comic relief was land bound. A lost paddler called just before the main group was getting ready to launch and wanted to know where we were. They were waiting at what the locals said was Pavilion Beach. Turns out there is a much bigger parking lot at the next beach over which is separated from Pavilion Beach by an old factory.... We all launched together.
At lunch Little Tim showed us an idyllic knoll where we could eat and gaze out over the sea. It involved a little climbing to get to, but it wasn't too bad. With a little hunting there was even an "easy" path. As we made our way back to the kayaks, the park ranger intercepted two of us before we could get to the beach. Apparently, access to the beach is forbidden from the grassy knoll.... The ranger was determined to prevent the stragglers from rejoining the group, but was no match for the dynamic duo. After a tense game of cat and mouse we all made it to our kayaks.
Simple and relaxed was perfect.

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  1. Hi Eric,
    By "Little Tim", do you mean Tim Gl? You may be out of the loop on this one, for we have already established a "Tim Designation System" based on seniority with the club. A few months ago, it became apparent that the club was being inundated with "Tims". I thought I had a solution using "Tim" plus the last initial, for example Tim M. and Tim G. ( I used this system in some of my videos.) Then yet ANOTHER Tim came into the club, but my system broke down, as his last initial was also G. He started referring to himself in RICKA posts as Tim 3, and I immediately saw the utility and simplicity of this, so I spread the word that this would be the best way to delineate the multitude of Tims in the club. I had considered Tim A., Tim B, Tim C, etc., but this letter designation could be easily mistaken for the Tim-in-questions last initial. Besides, we could only accomodate 26 Tims, whereas with the number system, our club can accomodate an infinite number of Tims. Well, So far we only have three: Tim 1 (formerly known as Old Tim, 5-star Tim, etc.), Tim 2 (who I believe you are refering to as "Little Tim"), and Tim 3 (who I don't know if you met yet).
    (yes, I know, I have too much time on my hands)