Sunday, January 26, 2014


What can one do to cap off a great kayaking trip? Eat a great lunch....
After kayaking in La Jolla bay, we headed off to meet people for lunch at George's. It came highly recommended and since it was restaurant week, we hoped to be in for something special.
We were not disappointed. The view alone was worth the price of admission. The restaurant sits on a cliff overlooking the ocean. We had clear views of the coast for miles around. As a bonus we got to watch the the life guards use jet skis to drag swimmers out of the giant surf while sea lions danced in the water and laughed.
The food complimented the views. I had a chipotle dusted grilled chicken strips and fries. It sounds like a meal one could get at any joint, but it was at the next level. The chicken was moist and tasty in a way that I didn't know chicken could be. For desert, I had a maple cheesecake that rich, smooth, and just maply enough. The other deserts I tasted included a moist, almost too rich, chocolate cake and a toffee caramel sticky pudding.
Great food, great views, great day!

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