Sunday, June 08, 2014

Thatcher's Island

Could I have asked for a better day for my once a month paddle? The weather was perfect: sunny, warm, and a lite breeze. It was so nice that H and Bug tagged along to spend the day at the beach.
We launched from the scuba beach and headed north for a bit. Then we paddled out to the sea wall. It was so calm, we decided to head out to the dry salvages to look around. As we approached the salvages, TG spotted seals flopping into the water. We stopped approaching to give the seals some space. We were surrounded by a large pod of seals. They were fairly bold and quite large.
From the salvages we made a beeline to Thatcher's. The island is populated by a number of aggressive and large gulls. The caretakers suggested that we take big sticks with us as we walked around. There was one big gull guarding the loo. It was a squacker, but it stayed just on its rock. While we were eating a monster gull kept swooping down near the picnic benches. The best thing was watching the swallows dance in the air. There was one playing with a feather that was impressive. It dropped the feather and swooped around to catch it before it hit the ground.
Before heading back to the beach we paddled around Thatcher's. It was rocky and had some nice action. It was a nice spot to have some safe excitement. TG, channelling Bubbles, did manage to get pushed up into some rocks. He got caught by a big swell that pushed him into a rock. He managed to roll up and get himself out of trouble without assistance.
Paddling back by Bearneck I spotted a curly haired Bug waving. I paddled over and said "hi". It was great to see the family enjoying the day. It was a perfect way to end a perfect paddle.

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