Sunday, August 26, 2018

Two Star Redux

When the BCU 2 star class was offered so late in the season, after what looked like a paddle scheduled for paddlers that needed 3 stars or better to participate, I scoffed.
Then I realized that for me, and probably at least a few other paddlers in RICKA, a day on the water getting some coaching from two excellent coaches, was a great opportunity.
I had been on the water more times this years than I had last year, but I knew I was rusty and could use a good tune up. I also remembered the first time I took the 2 star class and was a little too cocky to get anything out of it....
Greg and Paula had Tim II and Brenda assisting them. They were great as coaches in training. I spent the morning with Paula and Brenda. We worked on basic strokes.
I felt a little guilty having an Aries. It makes all of the turning strokes look easy. Most of the other paddlers in the group were in longer, straighter traditional sea touring kayaks. I still needed to control the kayak, so that was something.
In the afternoon we switched lead trainers. I was with Greg. He worked on fine tuning. We talked about things like using seating position to adjust trim. We also worked on using all four quadrants to maneuver the kayak for the proper conditions. We also worked on edging and reverse paddling.
It was an excellent tune up session. I would totally do it again next season just for the pointers.

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