Sunday, May 16, 2021

Nice Intro to the Season

 I've been itching to get back on the ocean in my kayak now that I'm vaccinated.

Bug was occupied all day Saturday, so it was a perfect day to get out. I e-mailed TM to see if he was up for an easy paddle.

We decided to do a paddle out of Bay Campus and head north. It is ocean, but protected. Perfect for a first paddle.

TM got to the beach early and did some pre-paddle noodling about. Apparently he had spent the previous day bending over a kayak doing some boat repairs and tweaked his back.

Once on the water, we took it nice and easy. We mostly chatted about kids and retirement.

It was a very nice way to get the paddle muscles warmed up.

Back at the beach, I did some noodling about and practice some skills in nice safe water. I also wanted to prolong my time on the water as much as possible.

All was well and feeling good until I started working on reverse sweep turns. I must have edged over a little too far or caught the edge of the blade just wrong. One minute I was happily spinning around backwards, the next I was talking to the fishes.

I quickly set up up for a roll; a little too quickly. I got about two thirds of the way up and flopped back into the water laying on my back date.

I briefly considered resetting, and then pulled the plug.

The swim back to shore was refreshing. I was glad to have a dry suite.

Sitting at Fuel after the paddle was almost normal.

There is hope for 2021.

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