Sunday, May 31, 2009

Back in the Bay

The Dutch Island paddle is always an easy way to get back onto some ocean water. It is a casual paddle that rarely offers any challenging conditions. Because of this it usually attracts a large crowd.
Life has been pretty stressful for H and I lately and I was hoping it would provide a good stress outlet for both of us. Unfortunately H couldn't paddle today. I, on the other hand, could.
There were 20+ kayaks on the trip. It was a nice mix of regulars and new comers.
The weather was great: light wind, sun, cold water. It was just cool enough to need a light paddle jacket. Once we started across to Dutch Island I thought "If I got wet, I'll want my drysuit." It was too nice to be wrapped in rubber.
The pre-lunch paddling was relaxing. The conditions were very tame and I took the opportunity to unwind. I focused on my strokes and the feel of the water. It was just what the doctor ordered.
After lunch, we headed back to the put-in. Around the Dutch Island lighthouse we got into some funky, refracting waves. I enjoyed the bouncy.
As we rounded the point, we spotted the fast ferry. It was sitting just off the island. The passengers were snapping pictures and waving. Then it zipped off across the Bay.
After the we got back to Bay Campus, H joined us for the post paddle coffee. We sat around on Java Maddness' deck and enjoyed coffee in the afternoon sun.

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