Saturday, May 02, 2009

Eastern Horizons

I'm not a big fan of long form kayaking movies. I find them to be little more than a bunch of shorts that show off exciting kayaking footage. I can only recall one film that had a real narrative thread.
I, however, have seen long kayaking movies that I've enjoyed. There was one about extreme white water kayakers that followed one group around the world for a season of BIG water. The "This is the Sea" series typically delivers as well. The segments are well done with either great action or a good story.
Friday evening we saw "Eastern Horizons". It is OK. The beginning and the end are good. Unfortunately, the middle doesn't deliver either action or story.
The movie opens in Newfoundland. The narrative and commentary is lackluster, but the scenery more than makes up for the lack of narrative. They kayak with icebergs and there are really nice shots of kayaking in fog.
The movie then jumps to Tybee island and the Outer Banks. The segments don't really offer a good flavor of the locations. There are too many scenes of flat water paddling and they often repeat the same footage. The commentary is bland. The few action scenes are too short and felt disconnected.
From North Carolina the movie jumps to New York City. This segment was better than the previous two, but it is still uneven. It is to choppy and the film doesn't spend enough time at any one thing. The scenes at the boathouse sparked my interest, but was cut short to launch into a story about circumnavigating Manhattan. That also promised to be interesting, but was also truncated.
From New York the movie jumped to the Bay of Fundy. (There was a brief interlude in Maine, but I honestly cannot remember a thing about it.) Once back in the northlands, the movie heats back up. The kayaking in the crazy tidal races is awesome to watch. The segment about kayaking in the tidal bore is also fantastic. The scenes with the whales makes for a nice ending.
Overall "Eastern Horizons" is middle of the road kayak movie fare.

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