Saturday, July 16, 2016

Core Principles

Carl Ladd gave a RICKA special class today on his version of the core principles of kayaking. His core principles approach is an interesting way into the basics of kayaking that stresses connection with kayak and form over the more head first traditional approach.
It is a lot of what Carl typically stresses: Be one with the kayak; your legs are essential in making the kayak steer. He also stressed that locking your thighs into your thigh grips is almost never a good idea. It creates a situation where you are fighting yourself for control over the kayak.
We also reviewed good stroke form. This part of class is something I'm not sure how much benefit I get. It is geared towards paddlers with big scoop paddles, not sticks. Still, the basic mechanics were good to work through.
One thing that was striking, was that in a class about boat control full of people paddling Cetus and similar touring kayaks, paddling the Great Pumpkin is a lot like cheating. The Aries is a dream to maneuver if you get the strokes and body positions even close to right. On the other hand, if you get things wrong it is equally obvious.
My two takeaways from the class: 1. I chicken wing too much. 2. I have a habit of locking my thighs in place.

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