Saturday, July 02, 2016

Pier 5 to Harbor of Refugre

It has been a long month since I last got a chance to paddle. June is always a tough month. The end of the school year is hectic and then we have our anniversary and Bug's birthday. I needed some time on the water.
Pier 5 to Harbor of Refuge is a long and exciting paddle. The west edge of the Bay can get a lot of fun swells to bounce the group along. I was looking forward to the trip with a bit of trepidation as there was supposed to be a fair bit of wind.
As it turned out, the wind and swells didn't materialize. The paddle was almost boring. There were some small swells that the pumpkin caught and a few little rocks to dodge.
The real fun was not in the challenge of paddling. It was in the relaxation of paddling. It was nice to just hang out on the water with good friends and stretch out the muscles.

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